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Water Exercise To Relieve Back Pain


And the 3 movements to try:

  1. Stand on one leg. If needed hold the pool wall for better balance.
  2. Swing the suspended leg font to back in a range that feels good. Repeat 5-10x.
  3. Swing the suspended leg right to left in a range that feels good. Repeat 5-10x
  4. Swing the suspended leg clockwise and counterclockwise in a range that feels good. Repeat 5-10x
  5. Switch legs and repeat the series.

Exercise Tips:

  • Repeat each exercise 5-10 times before switching to the other leg.
  • Always move in a range that feels good.
  • Increase strength by increasing the speed of each motion.
  • When adding rotation to a movement, swing the leg clockwise and counterclockwise. Protect your back by leading the movement with your belly button.
  • Try these movements on land—especially when adding rotation. You should notice how the movement comes from your hip, rather than twisting at your knee or back.
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